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4th Annual Examination Preparation
Intensive Course in Rehabilitation Medicine

Invitation to Attend

Rehabilitation Trainees who are preparing for fellowship exams are invited to attend the St Vincent’s Hospital Examination Preparation Intensive Course in Rehabilitation Medicine to be held 8 - 12th June 2017.

The course will provide 

  • Practice and coaching to prepare for success in OSCE style examinations
  • Development and practice of skills such as critical thinking and writing under pressure
  • Focused physical examination techniques and managing exam nerves
  • Approaches to patient management in musculoskeletal and pain rehabilitation (including amputees) and geriatric rehabilitation
  • The skills necessary to use theory and medical knowledge in order to pass OSCE style exams

History and examination assist in the solving of clinical rehabilitation problems and typical OSCE cases will be presented, analysed and marked during the workshop.

The course will include

  • Examination technique including an 8 station OSCE practice examination
  • Presentations by organisational psychologists on exam presentation style, management of performance anxiety and writing under pressure. 
  • The skills required to write design and assess OSCE questions  
  • Video analysis of exam performance.

It is envisioned that during the OSCE exam preparation phase (June-August), these skills can be practised and refined. This is not an update course and candidates will be expected to have background knowledge in clinical medicine, functional anatomy and rehabilitation medicine.

If more than the limit of 28 applicants apply to undertake the course, an online written MCQ test will be offered to those interested in attending the course. Only those who pass the online MCQ test will able to attend this course.

The course is not a replacement for reading, studying or reinforcing information but rather concentrates on using that information for critical thinking problem solving and passing the OSCE style examination.

Program Topics

Stroke Rehab
Neuro Imaging
Cardiac Rehab
TBI Rehab
SCI Rehab
Immobility & Incontinence
Exercise Prescription
Chronic Pain
Cancer Rehab
Chronic Pain
Cancer Rehab
Joint Replacement
COG Impair/Decond
Vocational Rehab

Save the Date

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For further information please contact the OSCE 2017 Conference Secretariat
Suite 103, Level 1, 3-5 West Street, North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia | PO Box 637 North Sydney 2059
P: 61 2 9954 4400 | E: osce2017@dcconferences.com.au | https://dcconferences.eventsair.com/osce2017/cs